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Trust our team to find the best candidates for your open postions in Billings, MT, nationally and abroad

Our team of professionals specializes in filling roles in the construction, oil and gas industries. However, those aren't the only industries we work with. We can also find skilled employees in HVAC, electrical, safety, engineering and other fields. Whether you're looking for temporary help or the next permanent member of your team, we'll help you find the perfect fit for your opening.

Finding the most-skilled workers for your roles

Our team of professionals specializes in helping employers fill a wide range of open positions. You can count on us to thoroughly screen employees for these roles and more:

  • Full-time jobs
  • Temporary placements
  • Short-term jobs
  • Contract positions
  • Project-based positions
  • Industrial Jobs
  • Solar Jobs
  • Wind Farm Jobs
  • Nuclear energy positions
  • Large scale and small scale construction
  • Government Projects
  • Construction
  • Boiler Makers
  • Project Managers
  • Safety Professionals

If we send you an employee who isn't a good fit, you have 90 days to re-fill the position with another qualified specialist. Call 406-850-6572 to use our staffing services to fill your open jobs.

Servicing The Entire Country and Puerto Rico!

Why choose Pearl River Consulting?

If you're an employer looking for the perfect candidate, Pearl River Consulting has you covered. We're trusted throughout the area because we:

Are family-owned

Have 10+ years of experience

Are passionate about helping people

Perform thorough background checks

Provide exceptional service to employers and job candidates

Are Woman-Owned

You'll appreciate our detail-oriented process and friendly staff. Reach out today for staffing services in Billings, MT.

We do local job placement along with sourcing jobs/positions anywhere in the country!

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Government Projects


Professional Corporate Roles

Energy Sector Jobs

Refinery Positions

Boiler Makers

Project Managers

Safety Professionals